Beautiful Tuscany Wedding- The Cosmos of Aleza and Dave

The Weddingweek of Aleza and Dave was an incredible journey filled with lots of emotions, the most welcoming people, amazing food, and memories to last a lifetime.

This is the story of Aleza and Dave, a couple deeply in Love from Austin, Texas, USA – marrying midst in the beauty of Tuscany, Italy- accompanied by me and my amazing team member Patrick for photo + film.

The Get together and Rehearsal Dinner

The Celebration of the Love between, but also for these two people started with the Get-together. Every guest was greeted with so much Love, warmth and excitement.

Another thing we got to witness, was the immense musical talent and the connections that were created through it. The Brides Father created such an intimate moment, by playing his daughter a song on the guitar and Aleza performed a self-written song dedicated to Dave. Which all lead to an evening that was spent singing, dancing, laughing, crying and loving.

And here is, what Aleza wrote about that day:

„Our people. We could have never pulled this off without our people. Our people who keep us calm, who keep us sane, and connected, present, and loved.

Our people who travel from all over the world to squeeze our hands, and send us off – from New Zealand, and San Francisco, from Austin to Italy, South Africa and France, London, Los Angeles and New York City. It took a village.

Our wedding was a breathtaking experience holding both beauty and chaos; comfort and love. The energy was palpable, and three weeks went by in the blink of an eye.

When I sift through the photos splashed in golden light and olive branches – what I really remember is the distant sounds of clinking wine glasses and laughter rolling over the hills blanketed in music and candle light. The feeling of being loved unconditionally, safe and held, surrounded by our most treasured people who made it all possible.

The night before our wedding was all about connection, reconnection, and music. I remember taking a breath to look around what we had created, and feeling overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. I thought to myself, „if this is just the rehearsal, tomorrow is going to take my breath away.“

The wedding day

During the getting ready on their big day nothing was rushed, everyone took the time to just be in the moment, even though we were way behind our original time schedule. But instead of being in a hurry, everyone simply enjoyed themselves, you could almost feel the room beaming from all the laughter and excitement.

And here is, what Aleza wrote about that day:

„July 18th was hot. But even the heat rising in the thick stone-walled villa couldn’t shake the calm from my body.

For someone who still hadn’t put the pen to paper on my vows, I was unexpectedly relaxed that afternoon. I felt at ease knowing that in just a few hours I had the privilege of committing my life to a man I knew to his core; to a man who loves me to mine.

The ceremony was held by a close family friend, which made everything even more personal. This was not just about the infinite love between Aleza and Dave but also a declaration of love from all of their Friends and Families to them.

For the whole three days I felt the deep connection between Aleza and Dave and her family and friends. But especially in the moments during the ceremony, I was crying behind my camera the whole time.

And here is, what Aleza wrote about that day:

„Most of the day was a blur – like sisters told me it would be. A timelapse of colors, and faces, sped up as if on fast forward.

But every now and then, certain moments would slow down. As if someone somewhere was gently guiding the second hand from one millisecond to the next. As if someone somewhere was whispering, „I’ve held this one for you, take it in.“

We´ve always been a triangle – my mother, father and I – connected for as long as I can remember. It’s always felt like just us; like we were the ropes anchoring a ship as the world flapped wildly in the wind. Always tied, connected and unwavering.

This was a moment I will hold forever. It was a moment where time stood still, the sea was quiet, and for the first time in a long time, it was just us.“

For me as a wedding photographer the big things are important, but the small things are much more important, the way the day felt to me and the couple. This feeling lays in the details. And I´m the luckiest girl ever, that Aleza and Dave felt the same way.

So here are Aleza´s words:

„So much of the day felt out of the body – I was there, but was I?

Part of the beauty of this process for me has been flipping through the moments that I missed. Dave walking his mother down the aisle, Bill kissing my mothers cheek as he sits her down, the look on Nates face as he watches his sister walk down the aisle, the moment Dave sees me for the first time…

It allows me to feel like I am there all over again, and for the very first time.

It allows me to live in a moment where it all worked, a weightless, split second in time that we will never get back but we will relive forever.
For that I have to thank our incredible photographer, Claudia Klassen – and „thank you“ will never be enough.“

The couple shooting was spent talking and laughing with each other, which made it feel more like a walk with old friends rather than a photo shooting. For Patrick and me – for photo and film – it doesn’t feel like working, it was truly magic. For being honest, it usually never feels like working – but Aleza and Dave gave us a real spirit. And I guess, you can feel it in the pictures.

And can you believe, that we did this amazing sundowner-session within 20 minutes?!

And here it was Aleza wrote:

„A brief moment of calm, to just be us.

Our whole world had just shifted and yet – nothing had changed at all.“

After our session, we returned to the wedding guest where the newly weeds were already eagerly awaited. They were greeted with open arms by their friends and families who were more than ready to start congratulating and celebrating them.

Dinner was accompanied by a lot of heartfelt speeches, filled with lots of emotions, memories and humor, which made more than just one eye teary. Latest the guitar tribute by the Brides father had everyone reaching for tissues.

After a quick dress swap by Aleza the Party was ready to begin. Everyone just let go and spend the rest of the Evening celebrating life, love and everything in between. There were no limits to the joy and pure bliss that was radiating from every single one.

The day after

But the celebrations didn’t end there, the next day was an extension of all the emotions from the night before. May I present to you, the Pizza and Pool party:

Lastly, I just want to say thank you. Thank you Aleza and Dave for choosing me as your wedding photographer and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of such an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone who showered us with love and appreciation, making us be part of the wedding instead of just capturing it:)

And here are Aleza´s last words:

„A month ago today we opened a new chapter. One hundred and sixty of our closest friends and family traveled from all over the world to bear witness. It was a much larger gathering than we anticipated – yet somehow the whole world experience felt remarkably intimate.

Perhaps it was the slow pace of the tuscan countryside – the hot sun and the cool water that eased our minds, and slowed our rhythm.

Whatever it was, it was magic.

Dave and I both felt swept up in the whirlwind of the wedding day, only able to take in pieces at a time. So the next morning, while the dew was still fresh, we took the same walk up to the big oak – only this time we did it together.

We walked right up to the roots where we stood the day before, and told each other the story of our wedding. A story that we will one day tell our children.. and when they see these photos hanging on the walls of our home, I hope they can imagine the smell of the fresh morning dew, and feel the heat of the tuscan sun.

I hope one day the´ll find their way back to the big oak tree, sit quietly near the roots, and feel the magic.“

The amazing team around Aleza and Dave:

Bridal couple: Aleza & Dave

Photo: Lichttrunken/Claudia Klassen

Video: Pattechristoph

Decoration & Flowers: Stiatti fiori

Service/Catering: Ristorante ivecchiamici

Location: La selva tuscanvilla

Dress: Rue de seine bridal

Rings: Clare Ullman design

Hair and make up: Makeupartist yana

Ceremony: Mary Blove

DJ/Music: Bryan the dj