Every Wedding I talk about is special in my eyes but this one is incredibly close to my heart because it is the Lovestory of my friends Tammy and Freddy. We met about four years ago when I asked them to be a couple for my first-ever styling shoot. That was the last time we saw each other in person but that didn’t stop us from staying in contact and building this beautiful friendship.

There is this saying that you should nurture and cherish what you love, and I always think of Tammy and Freddy when I hear that. Apart from the daily kindness they show each other, they took the time to celebrate their love on four separate occasions. First with their Civil marriage, next a family celebration in Australia with Freddy’s Family, and then the two celebrations in Serbia. I am so thankful that they asked me to document the latter two and I’m just generally so grateful that I got to witness the Love of my two friends being celebrated to the fullest.

Without further ado, let’s begin the reminiscing.
The traditional Serbian Ceremony was held in this stunning old church on a hill. No translator needed to understand how much this meant to both of them and the joy that radiated from them could be felt in every corner of that building.

Next, we took the time for an intimate couple shooting. In my opinion, these are always best right after the Celebration because the newlyweds are full of emotions and glowing Love, which you can see in the pictures.

The rest of the day was spent eating, talking, and enjoying the company of their closest friends and family in a beautifull venue.

The next day started with the getting ready of the groom and bride. Both were surrounded by their chosen loved ones, enjoying every moment of the process. Core Memories were created, drinks were shared, and thank-you presents were given. Sometimes getting-readys can be very tense or filled with nervousness, but when I stepped into their rooms non of those emotions were present. Instead, there was so much happiness and longing for the festivities to start. Getting to witness the loving interaction between Tammy and Freddy during their first look will be a memory I will cherish forever.

I have seen a lot of stunning Locations but a glasshouse in the middle of Serbian’s mystical forest was a new experience for me. The decorations were chosen and planned with so much care and love, you could tell that Tammy had put a huge amount of time and thought into the layout of everything. And it truly paid off.

Tammy and Freedy arrived together and walked hand in hand to the ceremony. Surrounded by Friends and Family and a breathtaking view they renewed their Wedding vows and shared their Love with us all. And as if the speeches and overall energy weren’t emotional enough, the live music just amplified everything even more. It felt and looked like real life fairytale.

While the guests walked from the ceremony to the dinner location, the newly-weeds and I stole away for a few more Pictures.

As Tammy and Freddy entered the Glashouse the guest welcomed them with loud cheers and thunderous applause, which the Newlywed reciprocated with a cheeky little dance. Since the food was served as a buffet that was open for hours instead of a sit-down dinner the guest could choose when they wanted to eat. That’s why the dance floor was never empty, there was always someone celebrating and rising everyone’s spirits, while the rest was eating. There was so much laughter and overall joy, it’s hard to put all of those overwhelmingly positive emotions into words, but I would say the pictures speak for themselves.

While everyone was dancing and having a great time, Tammy, Freddy, and I decided to use the sunset to capture a few more intimate couple pictures

Apart from the extraordinary live singers that raised the beeming energy even more, the traditional Serbian dancer performed an incredible act inviting the guests to dance even more than before. Everyone was dancing, everyone was celebrating and everyone was having the time of their life!

There was a short break to listen to the emotional speeches held by friends and family, causing lots of laughter and a few tears among the crowds. After that, the impressive cake was cut and shared before the dancefloor was concord all over again. The people were happy, the people were free, and people were loved, and that’s exactly how it is supposed to be.

To my dear Friends Tammy and Freddy thank you so much for choosing me. Thank you so much for the incredible experience and memories that we created. I will forever cherish your wedding and can’t wait to see you again!

The amazing team around Tammy and Freddy:

Bride: Tammy
Groom: Freddy
Concept and Planing: Tammy
Photography: Lichttrunken/Claudi Klassen
Video: Tobi
Decoration, flowers: Studio Musmula
Stationery: Papiro_Stationery
Cake, Sweets: Present Poslasticarnica
Location: Vencanja Open Concept
Entertainment: Talija Art
Dress: Justin Alexander@kleid_ueber_kopf
Jewelry: Dragana Ognjenovic
Suit: Hackett London
Styling: Loftparrucchieribymajastanisic
Ceremony: Ruzica_petka
DJ, Music: Creative Band@ventartly
And: The.babe.hotel Limostar_belgrade