I had the great honor of witnessing the vibrant love between Yasmin and Amir. An elaborate celebration that took place over three days in a breathtaking villa, located in Marrakesh. It was a clash of colors and cultures, paying tribute to their Moroccan and Indian heritage. Everything about this wedding was like a breath of fresh air. The kind of Love that is so joyful and infectious, that it feels like you are living in a bubble.

But before I dive deeper, I want you to take a look for yourself. Setting the mood for the magic that is about to follow.

The festivities started off with a welcome dinner, inviting all guests to settle in and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. The tent was breathtakingly decorated! The dimly lit lanterns and candles created a cozy atmosphere and the thoughtful flower arrangements elevated the setting to a new level. The evening was spent enjoying the food, the company, and the music.

The wedding day started with Yasmins getting ready, surrounded by her closest family members and bridesmaids. Everyone was so excited, the day that they all had been looking forward to for so long had finally arrived. Laughter and giggles could be heard from all corners of the room. The energy was so light and cheerful reflecting Yasmin’s lovely personality and the deep relationship with her girls.

The vow ceremony was set outside, looking like a fairytale that had come to life. Yasmin’s mother walked her down the flower-petals-covered aisle, handing her precious daughter over to her son-in-law. The ceremony was led by a close friend, making the matter even more intimate and meaningful. Amir wasn’t able to finish his vows, because all the emotions started to surface. But just for the record, that was due to his allergies…
Everyone was enjoying the magical ring exchange, they didn’t even notice that the newlyweds had forgotten Amirs wedding band and instead had used the family ring that he wears on a different finger. A funny memory to revisit in the future and it just shows, that something doesn’t have to be flawless to be perfect.

Before Yasmin and Amir joined their guest, we snuck off for a little photo shoot. Believe me when I say, that everything about that moment was just perfect. From the newlywed who could hardly contain their joy, the location and the lighting from the setting sun. Yasmin and Amir trusted us and our vision fully, which meant we were able to try out new things and really capture their love and beauty. In every way and form. From every angle. For eternity.

When we joined the reception on the rooftop, the guests rushed over to celebrate the happy couple. The time was spent with lots of hugs, kisses, drinks, and delicious food. And just like everything before, the setting was decorated with so much love, care, and attention for even the tiniest details. As the night approached, a traditional Moroccan music performance started. What was intended to be just a short drum introduction, followed by some acrobats turned into a whole pre-dinner party. Everyone started to dance, simply having a great time and following the sound of the drums.

Yasmin withdrew shortly after, to change her dress. And I am so grateful that I got to whiteness this transformation. She was so calm and yet you could tell how with every stroke of her makeup brush, every layer of cloth, and every piece of jewelry she blossomed. I could tell how important this was for her. This was a huge part of her identity, her culture, and everything she ever wanted. Everyone in that room could feel the change in energy, her confidence that grew by the second, taking pride in her heritage.

As Yasmin and Amir approached the dinner table they were welcomed by loud cheers and admiration. Throughout the dinner, one guest after the other discovered a thoughtful surprise that the bride had prepared for everyone. Under every plate layed a picture of the bride and that individual, and a heartfelt love letter on the back of it. Proving once again how much love was put into the planning of the wedding. These Letters and speeches from family members were the source of lots of laughter and happy tears.

You could tell that everyone was ready for the party to begin, so dinner fell rather short, which no one minded in the slightest.

After an incredibly impressive fire performance, the party was officially opened. The room was beeming, there was not one person that wasn’t dancing and celebrating the union of Yasmin and Amir. There was a wide range of music, something for everyone. It was hard not to join in myself. The dancing stopped only for the cake-cutting and started again right after. I rarely leave a wedding with more energy than I had in the morning. But that’s exactly what happened. There was so much love, positivity, and joy surrounding me that it left no room for exhaustion. Every laughing face that I captured, made my own smile even bigger.

The next day we met for the after-wedding shooting, where Yasmin wore her second wedding dress. We chose the Hotel as our location, and I’m still speechless. These pictures came out better than I had ever imagined and I struggle to find the words, that could accurately describe this experience. So I won’t, because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Something I found beautiful was the bond between Yasmin and her girls, as they had also planned a surprise for her. Each of them had picked up her idea of using a picture of them together and writing a love letter dedicated to her. They all took turns, sharing funny moments, their love for Yasmin, and how thankful they were for her.

Before it was time for the second after-wedding shooting, everyone enjoyed a bit of free time. While some went for walks, most took advantage of the big pool.

The second after-wedding shooting was located in the desert, where all guests could relax in a beautiful tent out in the open, with lots of drinks and snacks. Yasmin and Amir started by reading each other their vows again, and then just moved around freely. At this point, it came almost naturally to them and I am still in awe with the pictures that were created.
It was the perfect way to end this incredible weeding. I met so many wonderful people, laughed and danced along with them. Thank you for everything.

And while the rest stayed a bit longer, Tobi and I decided it was time to go. While it was easy to find our destination in the desert while the sun was still shining. Finding our way out of it proved to be rather difficult, having nothing more than a bit of moonlight. In the end, we did find the road after what felt like hours, but I will gladly go without any more adventures, at least for a long time.

Yasmin and Amir, thank you for everything. Thank you for choosing and trusting me. I will cherish this wedding forever.

The amazing Team around Yasmin and Amir:

Bride & Groom: Yasmin & Amir
Photography: Lichttrunken/ Claudia
Videography: Tobi films
Weddingplaner, Location: Villa taj marrakech
Ceremony Outfit: Frontierraas
Indian Lengha: Nikazaasiancouture and Payalkeyalofficial
Jewellery: Goenkajewels
Grooms ring: Noemieska
Make up: Nilly_vanilli
Hair: Marie.bogaert