What is the secret to capturing the perfect shoot during a wedding? In my opinion, it’s the connection you build with your clients beforehand. You are entrusted with such an important task, capturing the love and joy of one of the most important days of two special souls! Take the time to get to know them, because the better you do, the easier it gets to catch those special moments that you only catch by knowing their bond and personalities.

Whenever a journey begins with a potential new client, we always start with a get-to-know-me-call via Zoom. These Chats can vary in length, depth, and connection. I rarely meet someone that likes to chat as much and as long as I do, but in Christin, I found my match. She and her soon-to-be husband Brian talked for what seemed to be hours with me, about their vision, generic small talk, our lives, and also serious topics. From that point on there hasn’t been a week where I haven’t been in touch with Christin talking about every and anything in the world. We even got to meet each other before the wedding for a styling shoot and again for a coaching shoot, which I can only recommend. It’s so very beneficial to shoot with your couple before the wedding because that way you can see what it’s like with them and they can get used to the camera.

I like to think that I always find new friends in my Clients, but in this very special Couple, I found some new best friends. Let’s begin with the emotional rollercoaster that was the magical wedding of Christin and Brian.

The day started with the getting ready of the Bride and Groom, both were surrounded by their closest friends and a few family members. Stepping into their room was like finally being able to breathe again after holding my breath for too long. Seeing the ideas and visions we talked about for so long come to life sparked so much joy inside of me, especially when I saw both Christin and Brian sitting in their rooms calm but still longingly waiting to finally see each other. I honestly couldn’t suppress the tears that surfaced even though I tried. The energy that filled that room was so incredibly loving and warm, the perfect way to start this special day.

From that point on the emotions only kept on growing. When Christins father came to pick her up so he could walk her down the aisle, everyone still tried to keep it together but even the greatest attempts faltered when you saw the way that Brian looked at his bride. Sometimes love travels without words. The ceremony was so honest and gentle and you could see that neither Groom nor Bride could focus on anything but each other, which is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

After the Ceremony the newlyweds and I took the time for a few pictures. This session felt so magical, everyone moved almost in a trance carried by the wave of youthful Love that makes you feel free.

As soon as Christin and Brian joined the reception festivities the celebrations started for real. Laughter from every corner, honest joyful conversation, and a cheeky champagne tower to lift the mood even more. You had no other option but to have a great time.

For dinner, all the guests were seated and cheered loudly when the newlyweds arrived. Even during the dinner everyone still moved freely, switching sweats and chatting away. The air was filled with reminiscing memories and storytelling.

The light mood switched when Bride and Groom walked away from the crowd to privately read their vows to each other. Witnessing my friends declaring their love for each other was such an indescribable experience that touched my heart in such an overwhelming way. They shed some tears and believe me so did I. It was so gentle, so soft, so honest, and just so them!

The heartfelt speeches from friends and family that followed after Christin and Brian returned to the table only amplified the love and glee that flowed through the air.

The dance floor was opened by the newlywed’s first dance, where they only had eyes for each other while the rest cheered for them. But the night really got started when Christin had her dress swap! As if that was a sign for everyone else that it was time to let go of all the emotions and just dance the night away, celebrating life and love. The perfect way to end their big day, surrounded by their loved ones genuinely having an unforgettable time.

We met again for the after-wedding shooting, in the middle of the mountains hoping for a stunning sunrise. What mother nature had saved for us was even better than my wildest dreams. Everything was painted in the most breathtaking colors, the world was still asleep and all that beauty was for us alone to enjoy. No words could describe the peace that we felt, at ease with the world only overshadowed by Christin and Brians’s love. A magical ending for a fairytale wedding.

The bond between the Photographer and their client is the fundament for everything that follows. You get to witness and capture such incredible intimate moments. The trust that is put in you can sometimes feel so heavy but is always worth it in the end. Build connections and watch as your experiences grow even more profound.

Thank you, Christin and Brian! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to see you again:)

The amazing team around Christin and Brian:

Bride and groom: Christin und Brian Christin Brian
Weddingplaner: Love Birds Mallorca
Photography: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen Second ShooterMichele Peloza
Video: Destination Wedding Film
Venue: Son Mesquida Nou
Hair and Make up: Ala Perfect Makeup
Ceremony: Toni the wedding celebrant
Catering: Tot a punt events catering
Music: Lo music
Flowers: Deblanc your inspiration Little Sister
Dress: Braut bluete
Partydress: Annette basilius.d_s
Stationery: Kleine Karte
Welcome sign: Em Signs