If the saying „third time’s a charm“ were a couple it would be Emelie and Oscar, but to truly understand their story we need to go back in time.

Their wedding was planned for august 2020, which was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, but the photographer they had originally chosen for their celebration was already booked out for the following year, so they began to search for a new photographer and that is how they ended up with me. And how grateful I am for that because what I didn’t know back then was that we were destined to become so much more.

Since the Covid restrictions didn’t loosen up till early 2022, Emelie and Oscar had to make the difficult decision to push their wedding back AGAIN, to August 2022! Which at the time was devastating and frustrating but later turned out to be an amazing twist of life.

All the necessary pieces of information for the wedding were exchanged via text because even though we had so much time, we somehow never managed to arrange a zoom meeting, to get to know each other. Emelie and Oscar were traveling the world via van (follow them on their journey on ) and I was consumed by my photography, which changed when I got Covid at the beginning of 2022 and was isolated for about a week.

So with endless time on hand, I remembered an idea that Emelie had mentioned to me once during our text conversations. Emelie and Oscar planned on moving to Hawaii after their wedding, the place where they first met and fell in love and Emelie said she would love to arrange a retreat for photographers on the beautiful island. And that is how it all began! We started to write daily, brainstorming and shaping our vision into reality! For months this idea consumed us until it was finally accomplished…

In January 2023, the Makai Retreat took place. Seeing all our hard work, dedication, and long nights pay off was an incredible experience, and to share this achievement with Emelie and Oscar who are to this day so much more than close friends to me is something I feel overwhelming gratitude for.

All these obstacles in Emelies and Oscar’s plan turned out to be beautiful chapters of their incredible love story, but now let’s dive into their breathtaking Tuscany wedding!

Emelies sister did her make-up and styled her hair, which was a very intimate moment to witness. Only the closest friends and family members were invited to the wedding and it reflected in the energy surrounding everyone. It was calm but still exciting, so trusting and inviting like a Sunday family brunch, where everyone is included and loved dearly.

Both Emelie and Oscar wrote their vows during their getting ready which was just fitting, because what inspires a declaration of love better than being surrounded by your loved ones?

Emelies father walked her down the ails where Oscar was awaiting her. The ceremony was held by a close friend who told their love story in great detail with lots of funny stories along the way, which earned lots of laughs from everyone. Neither Emelie nor Oscar would describe themselves as emotional but both were eventually overwhelmed by their emotions.

After the ceremony, we all gathered for the reception, which was accompanied by Italian musicians, which created an infectious cheerful vibe. The snacks were devoured with lots of hugs, congratulations and laughter along the way.

We started with the group pictures, which were such a pleasure to capture! It was just so peaceful to be indulged in so much honest joy, but the images truly speak for themselves here.

The Newlywed photoshoot was up next and I can honestly say I have never laughed so much during a session. Oscar is the definition of a jokester, who just knows what to say to make you laugh till your stomach hurts! We were walking as friends, that are completely comfortable around each other, sharing an unforgettable moment together in radiating peace and bliss.

As we walked back a mouthwatering dinner was in the making. We were served authentic Italian cuisine that was made right in front of us, absolutely amazing! During the dinner, some of the guests held heartwarming speeches, and lots of love, happy tears, and laughter were shared.

After Dinner, the stunning Wedding cake was cut and devoured by everyone.

The First Dance was such a beautiful part of the day. Emelie and Oscar seemed to be in their own world, enjoying their moment only focusing on each other and taking everything in.

After Emelie’s quick dress switch, the party started to take off! Shoes were tossed to the side and they jumped, danced and sang until late into the night!

I left the wedding day of my friends Emelie and Oscar with the promise to see each other next time in paradise on beautiful Oahu, Hawaii – for our Retreat and for Emelie and Oscars Afterweddingshooting!

And then – after our Makai Retreat finished in January 2023, we met on one of the next days for the after-wedding shooting on one of the many stunning beaches of Hawaii. These pictures hold a special place in my heart! We were already overjoyed that our vision was such a success and then we got to see each other again to take more pictures of their love in such a breathtaking environment! We took our time to capture even the smallest thing, walking along the beach and roads, laughing endlessly.

If there is one thing I want you to remember about this amazing couple it is their pure, overwhelming, and contagious joy for life, love, and the world.

I am so very grateful that we got to meet and build this amazing connection and I can’t wait for the Makai Retreat 2024!

The amazing Team around Emelie and Oskar:

Bridal Couple: Emelie and Oscar

Photographer: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen

Video: Twinmotion.pitures

Cake, Caterin, Decoration & Flowers: Zenzerobiocatering

Stationary: White and Berry & Olivepaperieco

Location: Borgo Petrognano

Music, DJ: Music and Co Italy

Dress: Maisonsignore & White Silhouette Brautmoden

Accessories: Badgleymischka

Groom: Bugatti Fashion Official