Enchanting Mallorca Wedding- The passionate union of Marie and Andres

During this Wedding, I got to capture the Fireworks of Emotions that every single Person let loose throughout the day! While you are reading this I want you to use your Imagination because my words could never describe the love, fun, passion, and desire I witnessed during this Celebration!

The day started with the Getting ready of the beautiful bride, who was accompanied by her maid of honor, one of the bridesmaids, and her Stylist Ala.

To say that the Bride was looked after very well would be an understatement because her friends showered her with support, caring gestures, and lots of food. So our time was spent chatting, laughing, eating, and excitedly waiting for the big moment.

At the Venue, I was speechless by the attention to detail. Everything was thought out so perfectly and there wasn’t one thing that didn’t align with the aesthetic or the vision of the Wedding.

Andres greeted every single guest with loads of gratitude and appreciation since the attendees gathered from all over the world.

And soon after everyone took their seats, Marie was walked down the aisle by her father. Due to the international guests, the intimate Ceremony was held in English, where a few friends and family members took the stand to speak some heartwarming words, but the most emotional moment of the Ceremony was when Marie and Andres read their vows.

Even if we as listeners didn’t fully understand the meaning of everything that was being said, there was no way you could miss the unconditional love and admiration that they feel for each other.

The Pictures that capture the stolen glances truly speak for themselves…

Since the Emotions were at a peak right after the festivities, we used the time while everyone walked to the dinner tables, for a small photoshoot, out in nature. The Passion and Desire that surrounded these two was just so intense, that I could almost see sparks flying!

After our short but incredible session, the newlyweds were cheerfully greeted by all of their loved ones, who had been eagerly waiting to congratulate them.

During the delicious dinner, some of the guests reached for the microphone to give a speech, and a lot of meaningful and truly touching things were said which led to a lot of laughter and happy tears amongst everyone.

While all the guests were enjoying their meals and fully entertained with eachother, I snuck out with Marie and Andres for a beautiful Sunset Photo session.

Back at the Venue, Marie and Andres friends had a sentimental surprise planned. They performed a meaningful song for them, and what started as a small entertainment quickly turned into a big celebration where everyone sang along, even if they didn’t know the words. This Energie was the start of the party that followed after Marie quickly swapped her dress.

All the Passion and desire that I had seen so far, was absolutely overshadowed by the Bachata that Marie and Andres performed as their first dance, which was pure temperament and fire! And that is exactly how everyone continued to party.

The Party was shortly paused for the cake, where Andres very cleverly put his hand on Maries Head to ensure that his Hand would be on top while cutting the Cake.

After that, I said my goodbyes but I know for sure that the Celebration went on for much much longer!

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, I am very grateful for the Love that I got to witness and capture.

Cheers to love, to passion, to laughter, to fun, to desire and more.

The amazing Team around Marie and Andres:

Couple: Marie and Andres

Weddingplaner: Lovebirdsmallorca

Photographer: Lichttrunken/ Claudia Klassen

Venue: Finca Son Togores

Dress: Heylovebridal

Catering: Catering Marc Fosh

Rentals & Decor: Rent By Tot a Punt

Music: and Petra_summer_acoustic

Flowers: Deblancyourinspiration and

Hair & make up: Ala perfect makeup

Kids Entertainment: Kidz Dream Party Mallorca

Stat ionary: Nina Kristin Papeterie

Cake: Sofias Cakestudio

Celebrant/Ceremony: Toni the Wedding Celebrant

Sign: Emma Signs